Deciding you want to transition out of the business is one thing – actually doing it is another. EKSiT Strategies will not only build your road to your transition, we will help you navigate down that path and guide you every step of the way.

Our name is purposefully blunt – EKSiT Strategies – as it is quite clear we help business owners through the process of successfully exiting their business.

But what may not be as immediately evident in the name EKSiT (other than our creativity with acronyms) is, in fact, what’s at the core of our team: Experience & Knowledge in Succession, Improvement and Transition.

Just like the word “EKSiT”, quite often the “I” comes before the “T”. Many times, in order to reach the ideal Transition, some small Improvements need to be made to ensure the business is properly positioned for what it is you are looking to achieve.

Simply put, if you’re there – ready to exit – we’ll take you across the finish line. If there’s work needed to get you there – to your ideal outcome – we’ll work with you, honing in on executing the improvements needed to get you there.

The ‘i’ – the Improvement – is the foundation of our sister management firm, Osprey Management Partners. The improvement is always with an eye to an eventual transition, whenever that might take place. Osprey will help you build your business so that when you are ready to transition, you have created a more profitable and desirable outcome.

Through our intergenerational team’s diverse education and combined with over 65 years of real-world experience in operations & sales management, marketing, legal, finance, technology and human resources, we have the bench strength to deliver real world solutions to real world business challenges.

For a more detailed look at some of our improvement services, please visit the Osprey Management Partners site.