We are pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with Davis Martindale Corporate Finance to provide their clients with access to the EKSiT Outlook software.

The Outlook software provides:

  • A Customized Dashboard: information is updated annually, so you can measure your progress over time.
  • An Assessment of Company Value: find out where you stand today
  • The EKSiT Saleability Score: a uniquely developed algorithm that measures the likelihood of a successful exit, and calculates the impact of addressing areas of improvement.
  • Recommendations: find out where you’re strong and where you’re weak, and which areas you can focus on that will have the greatest impact on your exit outcome

We are extremely excited to provide this service for Davis Martindale clients and add another offering to the wide range of services already available at Davis Martindale. Find out more about our new partnership here.


EKSiT focuses on leveraging technology to provide business owners with clarity about their exit options, strategic enhancement opportunities, and the realization of the value they've created.