In Canada, 97.9% of businesses qualify as "small". These entrepreneurs are the most dependent on the success of their exit strategy, and yet our industry has consistently underserved them by applying a corporate finance model that small business owners simply shouldn't be paying for. That's why we exist.

We exist because the majority of business owners that fall into this small business category have been left on their own when it comes to the largest financial decision of their lives. There is a mechanism designed to guide big businesses through their inevitable transition – ironically, those who need it the least. Those that need the help the most are left not knowing where to turn.

We created EKSiT to make sure that every business owner has an opportunity to maximize their outcome. We’re passionate about changing the way people think about exiting their business – it’s not as though owners don’t know that some level of planning is required, but no one has ever told them where to turn or what to do. We have simplified the process and have brought it clearly to the forefront to help business owners take control of their future, because they’ve earned it.

We have developed a proprietary technology called the EKSiT Outlook, which allows owners to discreetly take stock of where they stand at a point in their lives where they can impact the quality of the outcome.

The team at EKSiT takes great pride in our relationships, both with our clients, our partners and our communities. We believe in the development of strong personal relationships and have aligned ourselves with others who share our vision and passion on the value of planning and taking control of one’s future.

At Federated Insurance we take a holistic approach to risk management, and transitioning their business is a risk that all business owners face eventually. Deciding when and how to transition their business can be complicated and very daunting to a business owner. That’s why we’ve partnered with EKSiT. They have the expertise to guide our clients through the whole process from assessing their business goals and opportunities to building their transition plan. We have been very happy with our partnership with EKSiT. It is a win-win-win for EKSiT, Federated Insurance and our clients.

Federated Insurance Company of Canada

Our affiliation with EKSiT  has been positive for our association and our dealer membership. This partnership is one of the most important relationships that our organization has. Our industry is in transition, and the professional expertise the EKSiT team brings to our merger and acquisition activity allows for business transactions that are beneficial for all parties. EKSiT  has developed industry specific expertise, which is a key requirement of our dealer members. It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of EKSiT.

John Schmeiser
Executive Vice President & CEO
Western Equipment Dealers Association