As the CEO at EKSiT Inc., I’m proud of the way that we’ve helped so many business owners over the course of our almost ten (10!) year history.  It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and we’re just getting started in terms of creating innovative ways to provide valuable insights and financial analysis.

But that journey is going to continue under an exciting new brand, as EKSiT Inc. becomes interVal ( – short-hand for “Interactive Valuations”. 

While understanding the value of your business remains a crucial element of planning for your ultimate exit, far too many business owners were hesitant to find out this important piece of data as a part of their ongoing management strategy – choosing only to see it as a late-stage exit (or “EKSiT”) planning tool.

So, you see, it’s about time

We’re becoming interVal because we want to shift the time of the conversation to a point when there can still be a major impact to the decisions made with this powerful data that our software provides.  With the benefit of time, the impact of utilizing this core information can be exponential as it relates to shaping the future of the business.

Even more than that, we’re developing tools that will allow for the real-time tracking of the value of a business.  Gone are the days of utilizing financial information from (usually) months ago to make decisions about the business today.  The time lag of the information that is historically utilized to analyze the health of a business can lead to a critical gap in decision-making.

It’s about time.

Accessing information that is instantaneously drawn from your cloud-accounting software, interVal provides a vision of the company’s past, present, and (most-importantly) future.  We’re still committed to providing valuable insights that can shape the future of a business, but we believe it’s our responsibility to grow and innovate to do that better.  We’re excited to share with you all of the innovative tools that we’re developing, so keep an eye out for a lot more over the next couple of months. 

Business owners are finally going to have access to the information that can let them make the right decisions about the future of their business.  It’s about time.

Trevor Greenway
Co-Founder & CEO


EKSiT focuses on leveraging technology to provide business owners with clarity about their exit options, strategic enhancement opportunities, and the realization of the value they've created.